Foto: Karolína Kotrbová

Karel Kotrba Photographs since 2005. Lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. First it was amusement, then it became a bigger and more serious hobby and now it fills in almost all free time. In 2007 passed the extensive training at Institute of Digital Photography in Prague. Considers himself to be a disabused amateur.

The main motivation is to capture the feeling, picture, mood, emotion. Because I always had a bad drawing and painting skills, I use lenses and camera. I am aiming to have as less difference between what I want the picture to look like and what I finally have as small possible. Very much like to shoot people. People in various places, various situations and moods. Portraits are the most enjoyable but also most difficult ones. Street photo with many kilometers of endless walks and with capture of fraction of second. And product photo where the craft is most important. And idea, of course. Enjoyed a lot the documentary photography for Theathre in Dlouha. Has photos published in magazines called Host, Rozhlas.

Some of the assignment works are in this gallery.

I like the photos of Elliot Erwitt, Jindřich Štreit, Matt Stuart, Gerd Ludwig, wok and blog of Chase Jarvis, Strobist blog and a Conscientious blog of Jörg Colberg. And many others.

If you like these pages, if you want to have some of the pictures on the wall or if you want me to work for you or if you just want to write me, try the contact. New things are mentioned in news. In Czech version, I write there from time to time about the news, what I spotted on the net and liked it, some tips and tricks, etc… It quite time consuming to run this part of web in two languages, but I will do my best to have some interesting content there as well.

I would be very glad if you come back from time to time.